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Lumber 1, LLC is a wholesale supplier exclusively for contractors. We specialize    in wood-framed multi-unit and single family residential projects. Lumber 1 provides complete lumber packages for these types of large    scale projects.    There are    many items    particular    to apartment and multi-family construction. We stock these items.

The blistering pace of carpenters on these types of projects demand a constant flow of lumber products. Not only is the supply of lumber needed non-stop, if it’s not shipped in the proper order, the framing stops. Studs    without plate stock and headers are worthless. Floor decking without sub-floor adhesive is like roof decking without plyclips and fascia.

We understand that if the framing is delayed, all the trades to follow are delayed. Construction loan interest costs, per diem fines and loss of leasing days are some of the results of poor lumber supply. Fill-ins are never a problem. Our trucks are used exclusively for fill-in orders. Even with our diligent coordination with the framing contractor, occasionally critical elements are overlooked. That’s where our central location and our private fleet comes in. We can service most of Florida in a matter of hours.